Asia Shopping Odyssey: Exploring the Vibrant Retail Landscape

Embark on a journey through the different  Asian supermarkets with Nour, our French intern in Singapore.


Since starting my internship at PRS IN VIVO Singapore, I've wasted no time in immersing myself in the diversity of this dynamic city. In my quest to understand the Asian culture, I have ventured into various shopping experiences across the city. Join me as I share my first impressions of the different and vibrant shopping scene. 


Don Don Donki Japanese Supermarket

There is here a store that goes beyond the ordinary. A place where a change of scenery is guaranteed. Welcome to Don Don Donki, the Japanese retail giant. What sets this store apart becomes evident the moment I step inside. It is not just a shopping destination; it is an entertainment hub. The signature music playing in the background transforms my shopping journey into a delightful symphony, adding a unique rhythm to each step I take.

As I discover the aisles, I find myself engulfed in a sensory overload. The store is meticulously crafted to seize my attention with its diverse product offerings, vibrant displays, and strategic arrangement of items. Everything is displayed meticulously from freshly prepared dishes to derivative products and an abundance of unusual products that I never knew I needed.

The packaging you find there deserves a spotlight of its own. Each product tells its own story through vibrant colours, quirky designs, and attention-grabbing details. The packaging is not just a means of functionality; it is an integral part of the overall experience, adding an extra layer of excitement to the entire shopping venture.

Yet surrounded by the visual spectacle and amusement, there is a subtle sense of overwhelm. The abundance of information, the constant stimuli from music, packaging, and strategically placed items felt like being caught in a whirlwind. Nevertheless, navigating through Don Don Donki remains a fascinating and entertaining adventure.

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Mustafa Centre Indian Hypermarket

As I stepped into Mustafa Centre, I was immediately struck by its towering presence, an iconic Indian store that promises a seamless blend of convenience, diversity, and familiarity. Wandering through the aisles, I was first surprised by the extensive range of products I could find under a single roof. From cutting-edge electronics to trendy clothing and daily groceries, the store truly lives up to its reputation as a one-stop destination, making my shopping experience efficient and enjoyable.

As I explored the shelves, my attention caught by the simplicity of packaging. In a world dominated by flashy pack, the products you find there take a different approach, embracing the simplicity of natural and traditional elements. Products display clear information about ingredients. This commitment to transparency allows us to make informed choices, especially when considering specific dietary or cultural preferences.

In the middle of the bustling crowd and the wide variety of products, shopping at Mustafa Centre feels like a dynamic journey through a marketplace that caters to every need. The diversity, coupled with the convenience and familiar atmosphere, creates a shopping experience that is both satisfying and memorable.

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Scarlett Chinese Supermarket

Entering the world of the Chinese supermarket Scarlett, I was immediately immersed in an experience that boasts distinctive offerings and a playful ambiance, setting the stage for a shopping discovery. The store prides itself on carrying reimagined conventional products, introducing a delightful twist with a variety of unique versions and flavours. From snacks to beverages, the store invites exploration with a playful array that sparks curiosity and a break from the ordinary.

What caught my attention immediately is the knack for amusing packaging. Products are adorned in comically oversized packaging, injecting humour into the shopping experience. This larger-than-life presentation not only attracts attention but also adds an element of lightness to the act of purchase, transforming it into an entertaining escapade.

However, while Scarlett's packaging is undeniably amusing, it doesn't always offer crystal-clear clarity. The mystery surrounding the packaging becomes part of its charm. Trying to decipher the contents of each intriguing packaging provides a delightful challenge for shoppers like me.


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Giant Southeast Asian Hypermarket

Stepping into the colossal world of Giant Hypermarket also had its share of surprises. Although it's the closest experience to what you might find in Europe, there were some aspects that struck me as surprising. From the moment I walked into the store, it became evident that it is designed for people looking to stock up on essentials in grand proportions.

This extensive shopping experience responds to the very essence of family shopping, offering larger quantities of specific, everyday Asian products that redefine the concept of value and bulk buying. From rice and noodles to sauces and spices, the hypermarket transforms the common task of grocery shopping into a wholesale adventure.

The concept of value is interwoven into every facet of the Giant experience. Beyond the quantity of products available, the hypermarket embraces a promotional aspect that elevates the value proposition. Strategic promotions create an environment where every aisle holds the promise of a great deal, enticing shoppers to make the most of their purchasing power.

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My exploration of Singapore's vibrant shopping scene has been nothing short of an exhilarating journey. Each shopping destination, from the entertainment hub of Don Don Donki to the diverse offerings of Mustafa Centre, the playful world of Scarlett, and the extensive Giant Hypermarket, has provided a unique and captivating experience.

In this dynamic and diverse retail landscape, each store presents a different facet of the shopping experience, catering to a variety of preferences and needs. Exploring Asia’s retail scene is not just about shopping; it is also a sensory and cultural journey that leaves a lasting impression of the city's dynamic lifestyle.


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